Jakončič Uvaia


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Uvaia has a typical orange color. The wine is very concentrated on the nose with the aroma of almonds and wild strawberries. The concentration continues also in the mouth. A pleasant acidity enhance the wines elegance and timeless. A wine with strong character and long aftertaste.

Variety: Pinot Gris

Geographical origin: The winegrowing district of Goriška brda is characterised by a hilly relief and a mild Sub-Mediterranean climate.

Type of Soil: Marl

Vineyards & Grape Production: Terraced vineyard, 35 years of age, grown under the system of Single Guyot. Planting density is 5 400 grape vines per hectare.

Harvesting: Hand picking grapes

Vinification: The grape is macerated from 4 to 6 days. Alcoholic fermentation with indigenous yeast takes place in special egg shaped wooden barrels. The shape of barrel allow the yeast to be all the time in suspension and in contact with the wine. With this method we get the effect of natural battonage. The wine is characterised with typical orange color and high aromatic concentration.


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